Cone Assisted Pointing System

Cone Assisted Pointing System

Investigators: Choong-Soo Lee and Guarionex Salivia

This is an ongoing research project with Dr. Guarionex Salivia at Minnesota State University. The research involves implementing relevant algorithms to assisting users’ movements using input devices such as mice, Wiimote and Kinect, collecting data on their performance with and without assistance, and analyzing the data to demonstrate statistically significant benefits.

Here is a video demonstrating Cone Assisted Pointing System (CAPS) that we are experimenting with different configurations.

The above video demonstrates how the cone adjusts itself every sub-movement based on different parameters.
The black line show the recorded mouse movement of a user with motor impairment. Thickness alternates every sub-movement.

Three triangles show the funnel that can guide the user’s mouse movement (green, blue and red represent different configuration).

The cyan circle is where the user is trying to go and click.