Research Overview

Current Projects

E-Sports Analytics
The research involves capturing and analyzing online game data to discover and reveal different characteristics of competitive online games such as League of Legends and StarCraft II.

Online Game Traffic Analysis and Modeling
The research involves capturing network traffic of online games, developing traffic models and their validation, and implementing simulation modules and applications.

Quality of Experience of Watching Video Game Streams
The research involves analyzing video game streams to discover ways to improve the viwers’ quality of experience. We are investigating ways to encode the videos using different sets of regions of interest.

Cone Assisted Pointing System
Ongoing research project with Dr. Guarionex Salivia at Minnesota State University. The research involves implementing relevant algorithms to assisting users’ movements using input devices such as mice, Wiimote and Kinect, collecting data on their performance with and without assistance, and analyzing the data to demonstrate statistically significant benefits.

Facilitating the Use of Tablets in Classrooms
The research involves identifying current difficulties in using a tablet in classrooms, devising new ideas on how tablets can be used as a tool to promote student learning, implementing an application for the iPad to overcome these obstacles and incorporate the new ideas, and finally, testing the application in real classroom settings.

Credit-based Queue Management for Home Wireless Access Point
Developed a credit-based queue management scheme for wireless access points to improve overall application quality in home networks. The proposed scheme assists delay sensitive flows based on characteristics of different applications without any prior configuration.

Characterized general flow characteristics of common network activities at home, measuring and analyzing traffic in various home networks, developed analytical model of the proposed scheme and its validation, and finally, implemented the proposed scheme in a network simulator (NS-2) and evaluated its performance.


Technical Reports